I have a bunch of old R.L. Stine books from when i was little. I think this would be a good way to get "rid" of all of them.

Condition: Mint. No pages are creased, i never read this one either.

Starting Bid: $0.50

Page count: 118 pages

Shipping: Buyer pays shipping

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What's on the back cover:
Iris reached over and shook hands with me. Her long, black fingernails scraped my pal. Then, moving her lips silently, she rubbed the crows back, once, twice...three times.
Her eyes shot open. "There. It is done. A lovely little revenge. Your brother will have a terrible accident--and he'll never recover."
"Nooo!" I wailed. "No--please! That's not what i want! Take it back! Take it back!"
"Sorry," Iris said coldly. "It's too late."