This year a portion of our Auction proceeds will be donated to Botanique of Stanardsville, VA. Many of you may be familiar with Botanique as a retail bog plant/Sarracenia/CP business.

The collection of plants held by Rob, the owner, is massive. He holds one of the largest collections in the U.S. Unfortunately Rob has had to cease his retail business and is in danger of losing this important collection.

NASC is hoping to assist Rob in whatever way possible to prevent the loss of these valuable plants. We will offer a portion of our proceeds to help financially as well as possibly putting some of his plants into stewardship with our growers.

The details of how we will partner with Botanique are still being worked out, but we need to make sure the genetic material of his collection is protected.

Rob has donated a number of plants to our auction too.

Thank you to Rob and lets all donate generously so we can assist Botanique and its superb collection of Sarracenia!