Hi All,

It was my responsibility to end the auction at 8pm central time.

I logged on at 8pm based on my watch.. showed to be 8:07 on the computer and may have been 8.15 on someone elses and 7.59 on another persons.

While I'm going to say the NASC can choose how this will pan out... it is my FIRM SUGGESTION that all auctions up until the minute I posted the close of auction be considered the winners.

Server time versus my time etc.

Unless we implemented an auction software to close it based on server time, this was going to happen ... perhaps 5 minutes early perhaps 10 minutes late.

We'll hash it out. In the end, it's a benefit auction and it's in the best interest of the NASC to get what they can for the item being auctioned. If the high bidder wants to back out, it goes down a level (if it's for time purposes)... that's what I propose.

Again, however, I'll leave it up to the NASC folks to officially decide... but I think we/they should come up with an answer no later than tomorrow.