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    Bid increments are used in order to prevent people outbidding by just a penny or few pennies. This helps make tracking bids easier and reduces the number of bids (i.e....doesn't take 100 bids to advance $1), especially frivolous bids. It is standard in both auction houses and on-line auctions. Please keep your bids within the increment level for the current item price.

    If you have any questions, please ask me (PlantAKiss) or any moderator. Thanks!

    Please follow the bid increments posted in the rules:

    **Bid increments:** *Please keep bids to WHOLE dollar amounts (no cents).
    Bidding increments will be based on current high bid.

    If the current high bid is between:

    $1-$19, you may place a bid no lower than $1

    $20-$49, you may place a bid no lower than $2

    $50 + , you may place a bid no lower than $5

    Bids higher than these minimums may be placed at any time.

    If you see any bids not following the rules, notify a moderator please.

    If you do not understand this bidding rule, please ask.
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