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Thread: Jim Miller's Lost World - 2 disk set - No Bids

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    Jim Miller's Lost World - 2 disk set - No Bids

    This is not a normal auction, please all the info before placing a bid.

    Since I have a few of these to sell, this will be similar to Ebay's "Buy it now" auction. The price is set and as soon as a bid is placed this auction will be closed until the end of the auction.

    Remember if you place a bid, you will be obligated to buy this item.

    This auction will close with a bid of $26. I only have a limited number so you better get your copy while you can.

    Winner pays $5 shipping within the US. International will be more.

    "Lost World's DVD". Jim Miller and Stewart McPherson, 2006.

    Descr.: 2 DVD discs, 120 minutes in total length.

    The two-DVD "Lost Worlds" documentary was over two years in the
    making. Over 10,000 images were shot during a series of expeditions
    to the legendary "Lost Worlds" of Venezuela. These are gigantic table
    mountains -- or Tepuis -- that tower over the surrounding rain
    forest. The most famous of these is Mount Roraima, the setting for
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel, "The Lost World" which was
    first published in 1912. Although no dinosaurs were ever discovered
    on Mount Roraima or any of the other massive tepuis, the photographs
    taken during the expeditions are, in many cases, the first of their
    kind. From the summits of the table mountains there are breathtaking
    vistas all around, while each tepui revealed new and exciting
    habitats -- ecosystems that evolved independently from each other
    over millions of years. Thus each tepui has its own specialized flora
    and fauna, which includes a number of carnivorous plants. In
    particular, the expedition captured images of beautiful Heliamphora
    species (also known as Sun Pitchers) many of which have never been
    seen before!

    DVD One is narrated by Stewart McPherson and tells the story of
    Roraima and the Guiana Highlands, which have rightfully been called
    the most inaccessible places on the planet. Culled from the thousands
    of images shot during the course of the explorations, every
    photograph on this disc is amazing and the final product took nearly
    nine months to complete. Documentary specialist Jim Miller, who is
    well known among long-time CP lovers for his lifelong studies of
    native U.S. insectivorous plants, has crafted a spectacular program
    that is beautifully complemented by an original soundtrack composed
    specifically for this project by composer and pianist Eric Genuis and
    performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. As a bonus,
    there's an additional eight-minute video with a score by Hearts of
    Space recording artist Constance Demby.

    As if that were not enough, Disk Two, which is titled "The Image
    Bank" is a mind-blowing collection of photographs that document the
    unique habitats and awe-inspiring vistas of the Guiana Highlands, as
    well as individual chapters on each genus of carnivorous plant that
    are native to this region. It concludes with an eight-minute
    composition by Eric Genuis for string orchestra and mixed choir
    that's guaranteed to leave you spellbound.
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    No bids. Closed.

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