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Thread: "Really cool vine that i have" cuttings no bids

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    "Really cool vine that i have" cuttings no bids

    Up for bid is an assortment of common, sub-tropical garden vines that grwo around my house. Know clue of the scientific names. Jasmine, some type of mimosa-like-leaves-vine-with-red-poofy-flowers, pothos, boston ivy, are all in the mix, among others. They will all be cuttings
    ~5" long. I mae no garuntees, as i have never tried to root these plants. If they work let me know what you did!

    So, what your getting is:

    A whole bunch of unknown ornamental vines!

    Every $4 gets you a new vine type. If bidding hits $20 you'll start getting some edible/fruit vines as well.

    Buyer pas for shipping.
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    No bids. Closed.

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