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Thread: Prunus...americana? Peach cuttings! - No winner

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    Prunus...americana? Peach cuttings! - No winner

    Up for bid is a cutting from my awsome peach tree. I pruned the tree last winter, so all the cuttings you will get are filled with tons of growth hormone already, making them supremely easy to root. May fruit next year. Winner chooses either first or second year wood for cuttings.

    Thats right,

    Peach cuttings for bid!

    Heres how it'll work:

    Starting bid of $2.

    Winning bid of $2-$5=1 cutting
    $6-$9=2 cuttings
    $9-$15=3 cuttings and a herb perhaps.
    $16+=4 cuttings and something else.

    winner pay for shipping.
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    No bids. Closed.

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