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Thread: Citrus x limon cuttings/fruit/seeds - No winner

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    Citrus x limon cuttings/fruit/seeds - No winner

    Up for bid is a few things off my lemon tree.

    It was SG from a 'Meyer' years and years ago. The fruit are usually orange to grpaefruit sized, and have the interanl "lobes" or an orange. Taste just like a meyer, perhaps a little tarter, and the fruit is consistantly bigger.

    Lemon cuttings!

    Starting bid of $2.

    Winner pay for shipping.

    $2-$5 winning bids = 1 cutting.
    $6-$9 winning bis = 1 cutting and some seeds from the tree, OR 2 cuttings.
    $10-$15 winning bids = 1 cutting and a representative fruit. Thats right, i'll send you a fruit off the tree your getting a cutting from. OR 3 cuttings.
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    No bids. Closed.

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