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Thread: Mystery 'Dew winner RSS $6

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    Received and already in there new homes. Everything looked great and alot more plants than expected, thanks for listing them .

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    Since you paid a double donation to NASC, I thought it was only fitting to double your plants. Enjoy.

    For all the people that refused to bid because they were expecting some kind of joke, HA HA.

    RSS, Just thought you'd like to see what past winners of my Mystery Dew received.

    Potted up the Mystery Dew today! pictures :)

    Mystery Dew obregon562 $20

    Mystery Dew obregon562 $20

    Mystery Dew (puteulanus) CPlantaholic $12

    Pics of the Mystery Dew

    ---------- Post added at 07:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:33 PM ----------

    Oh yeah,

    Auction Closed.

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