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Thread: Euphorbia Tirucalli x Stenoclada Hybrid 'Pencil Cactus' (no bids)

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    Euphorbia Tirucalli x Stenoclada Hybrid 'Pencil Cactus' (no bids)

    A rare and unusual hybrid form of the traditional E. Tirucalli 'pencil cactus' that produces heavily pointed, bushy branches. I only know of one grower (aside from me) that even has this hybrid available. At maturity it grows into a tree and begins to form a bark-like skin on it's largest/oldest trunks. Max height is similar to that of other pencil cacti. Somewhat winter hardy, but move indoors during the winter if temps drop below about 45*F. They do fine during winter with reverse-lighting at night instead of the day (that is how I maintain mine).

    You will receive the 3 bare cuttings as pictured below, pre-calloused and theoretically ready to plant by the time they arrive to you. With any luck, I may even have them pre-rooted for you:

    PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PARTS OF THIS PLANT ARE HIGHLY TOXIC! Exposure of the sap to skin can cause allergic rash reactions, and getting it into your eyes can (and likely will) cause permanent blindness. Keep this away from water sources and your animals/kids please!

    Opening bid will be $3 I guess. Winner pays shipping, which I estimate to be between $6-$8 worst case scenario. US only, excluding CA, which I don't want to mess with shipping to. Winner can either PM me, or I will PM you, after auction end to arrange contact info and payment/shipping.

    Thanks for looking and happy bidding!
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    No winner.
    Auction closed

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