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Thread: Any thoughts on mounting an Aglaomorpha coronans?

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    Any thoughts on mounting an Aglaomorpha coronans?

    (Sorry if this is a repeat for a few people. I copied this post verbatim from another forum)

    Any thoughts on mounting an Aglaomorpha coronans fern?

    Perhaps the question would do better on a fern oriented forum, but I figured I'd ask, just in case anyone here has experience, or just an opinion.

    I separated a chunk (pictured, probably 40%) of a fern I bought at the SF Botanical Garden sale, with the idea of mounting it, or something along those lines. I'm open for ideas and suggestions. Right now, it's as pictured, but in a pot with moist sphagnum on the sides.

    Aglaomorpha coronans has a reputation as the "other" epiphytic fern (besides Platyceriums and possibly some Aspleniums (A. nidus)) which can be grown successfully epiphytically in a mild California climate. Yet very few grow it.

    My growing area is very cool but frost-free in Winter, mild in summer (75/55) and humidity is variable but generally 40-90%, I think. It's definitely less humid than the cooler, foggy areas near the Coast.

    I still have the rest of the fern, and even some tiny plants grown from spore, if I happen to kill this piece. So I'm willing to be pretty bold.
    It might also be fun to mount an Asplenium nidus, since those are so easily available, and rarely grown that way....

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    I've see some very nicely mounted ferns in pieces of driftwood both in terrariums & as centerpieces with other plants & mosses for a natural look. What type of setting will you have it in?

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