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Thread: !Help with planifolia growing conditions

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    Can someone give me some insight into the best growing conditions for these?

    I have two of them. Both are in the standard sand/peat mix. One is in a heated greenhouse, 20 by 30 feet. Temps are kept above 50. The other is indoors under growlights, with a humidity dome.

    Both are getting smaller and smaller as new leaves emerge. The one in the greenhouse sent up an inflorescence, but it only got an inch tall. The flower is curved under, and it looks like the flower scape never fully developed.

    Both plants are on the tray system, with water in the tray at all times.

    What gives? I fell in love with these when I saw them in the wild last year. Purchased two online, and they looked great when they arrived. It's been a slow decline, but it continues!

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Mike Howlett

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    I have never grow this one, but I think I've read before that they do best with a very high water table.
    Around 1/8" under the top of the soil. So you might have to repot in a non draining pot.

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