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Quote[/b] (rattler_mt @ May 04 2006,5:32)]primifolia is a pain for some, i CAN NOT grow it. try a P. moranensis hybrid is a good place to start. P x 'Aphrodite' is my favorite
heheh i kind of agree about primulifloras. I had a plant 2 years ago from Lowes grown in an outdoor container bog and it spread crazily over the summer, sprouting new plantlets all over. It was under dappled sunlight at the foot of tall trees--ideal conditions. Sadly, I had to leave it at home when I went back to college and when i got back in the winter, weeds had taken over.

I retried a couple this year (all from Lowes) in different settings: windowsill, outside, humidity dome terrarium. The one outside got burnt (dang TX sun) and finally shriveled up within a month, not to mention the rain kept rotting its leaves. The humidity dome one initially had flimsy leaves that rotted as soon as water touched it, but is slowly making a comeback with stronger ones. The one on the windowsill almost dried up when it got knocked over one day, it was literally a one inch green dud that I thought was for sure dead. I then placed it back in the media and watched it slowly unfurl its leaves--it is now the strongest one out of the 3 primulifloras that I have had (poor outside one) and still sits on the windowsill, uncovered.