Thoughts on an equal mix of Turface/#20 Pool filter sand/Perilite/and Peat Moss? (any suggestions of something else to put in?)

it is a hydroponic substrate without peat moss it is also OK
I know 100% mineral is the way to go, but I feel like even in their natural environment they surely have "some" organic media even if it's very small. Im planning on repotting a lot of mexican pings and trying to sorta do a "bulk substrate". I've also heard pumice/lava rock (is that the same thing?) recommended?
it depends on the species .Some appreciate 100% mineral substrate, and others not, or partially.

pumice or lava rock allows good aeration of the substrate
Any other suggestions?
add calcareous to your substrate, it will be a more
Also side note: For those using the tray method during NON-dormancy, do you let the tray dry out before re-filling? Seems like that would be the safer route since (correct me if im wrong) these plants tolerate some dryness ok.
letting them dry ,between two waterings , is not harmed.
by cons when they are dormant (during the dry spell in Mexico) avoid watering, or just a slightly wet substrate , to avoid desiccation .
Completely dry for the filiform (except moctezumae)