Just showing off some little guys I received in trade a little while ago. I won't name the trader so that no harassment for plants ensues, but he's welcome to speak up if he'd like. Just thought he'd like to see his babies being well cared for.

They were just potted up when this photo was taken. The mix is 25:25:50 peat:sand: perlite. Lighting is 4 x 35W 6500K T8 bulbs spaced about 18 inches above the plants. I'm adding two more fixtures ASAP, which will bring lighting up to 8 x 35W. The plants all seem happy so far, switching from succlent to carnivorous growth. Some pink color is beginning to show on one plant, and hopefully more to come with increased lighting. The next move, after acclimation to the added light, is to begin moving them closer to the lights. But they're just babies, so baby steps =)