Hi All,
This spring I bought a couple P.macroceras from a company and they were about to flower.I tried pollinating one and things were looking great until one of the many thunderstorms to come thur our area broke off the flower.I had a couple others that were further back inmy coldframe and didn't get around to pollinating them but something did and they produced seeds.
Anyway, thinking that I would have to wait til next spring to plant them I dried them on a paper towel, labeled them, and put them in the fridge.
I had about 6 left in a plastic petri dish and decided to plant them on the 15th of June in pure peat and put them under my lights with my Mexican pings.

About a week later I noticed some tiny green specks in the pot and didn't pay much attention until a few days ago and now see tiny little leaves developing

I just thouhgt I'd post this and wondered if others have experienced temperate ping seeds germinating without stratification?

Do any of you think they will produce a good enough hibernacula to live thru an Iowa winter?
Mark W.
P.S Joseph Clemens said they would germinate but would also like to hear other experience.