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Thread: couple questions about Mexican butterwort

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    couple questions about Mexican butterwort

    Hello. I just bought a Pinguicula xSethos. I have some questions about it:

    1) How big will it get?
    2) How often will it flower?
    3) The leaves are curling down which raise the plant out of the soil. How do I stop this?
    4) How much light should I give it?
    5) When do I let it go into it's winter dormancy?
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    In our collections it will normally top at out at about 1.5". It should flower once a year, coming out of its dormancy and will do so if allowed a cold and relatively dry winter period. An unheated room by a sunny window sill works well because it allows for both a natural reduced photoperiod and a drop in temperature. 40's & 50's would be good. That covers lighting and dormancy. Leaf curling is normal. I would recommend removing the bottom layer of leaves and attempt leaf cuttings.

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