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Thread: How not to grow pings ? Well it's working/

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    Ping picture

    Here is a ping piture
    I knoew not much but I had show the only thing I have CP wise that looks really good.

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    Is that an ice tray? Looks great but I'm uncomfortable with having no drainage for them and the possibility of mold.

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    If that's a plastic ice tray, he may have punched some drainage holes in the bottom of each cubicle.

    If not, then it is a good idea to do so......
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    Looks like you're doing perfectly well. As long as they have plenty of good light, which from your photo, seems to be the case, but don't let them get hot enough to be burned, they don't really need drainage or drying out. Though they are very tolerant of spending time in a dry state, again, as long as they have good light, and the humidity doesn't stay extremely low for a long period.
    Joseph Clemens
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