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Thread: Beginning the rehabilitation

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    Beginning the rehabilitation

    I have begun to sort through my plant-room, my first post on this topic was about Dry or Wet/Pinguicula gypsicola.

    I plan to use separate topics for many of these posts, to help avoid any confusion between types of plants.

    Whenever I pot/repot plants I almost always pull a few leaves, sometimes many leaves, to gain extra plants. I am lazy, so I just drop them into little plastic cups. I stack the cups of leaves to save space. Lots of cups with leaves/plantlets can fit in a very small space.

    As I am going through my collection of leaf-pullings, which is on the floor between my plant shelves, I guess that approximately 80% are still viable. Below is a photo of a small plastic cup of Pinguicula agnata (CSUF), leaf-pullings, now plantlets. I feel it is important to share this information, in particular, is because these leaf-pullings were taken, between six to twelve months prior to the time I allowed my entire collection to dry out, and remain dry for these past sixteen months.

    Not only are leaf-pullings an easy way to propagate many Pinguicula, quickly, they are also an easy way to "bank" plants for times when spare plants would come in handy.

    and don't forget that when you are planting these little leaf-pulling produced plantlets, even their leaves can be used to produce even more plantlets. It truly is very easy to turn one plant into hundreds very quickly.
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    Boy,I sure agree there Joseph !!
    I am at the point now that I have more plantlets then lights ! My wife is going to be in some continuing ed for her EMT certification this weekend (whoo hoo, free time for Mark!!!!)
    Anyway, I am going to bum her camera and get some pics of my gypsicola plantlets
    I have approx.100 potted up now(maybe 9 to each 2"pot) and still have 3 baggies with plenty of them to experiment with. I don't really pull many leaves from my other pings but should so I don't start losing the adult plants.
    I hope you are't offended that I posted here instead of the other post about gypsicolas.Too lazy I guess,LOL

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    I didn't realize that you can go vertically.

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