Though I've read everything I could find about all CP, including Pinguicula, I had somehow overlooked information about their floral fragrances. Of course, I had heard about Pinguicula agnata [CSUF] having a destinctive floral scent, but somehow, to my mind, that fact led me to falsely assume that most other Pinguicula were predominantly without floral fragrance.

Then, not so long ago, when my small but crowded plant-room was filled with thousands of blooming Pinguicula plants, I started noticing that there were floral fragrances wafting about. I was surprised and elated, I began gently sniffing each blossom, and often repeatedly, trying to determine the characteristics of each varieties scent. I noticed too, that I could not detect fragrance in some species, but most had scents that I could detect, and many had a somehow familiar character, though some seemed distinctly unique to my nose. I wonder if those I couldn't sense, were scent-free or just beyond the sensitivity or range of my sense of smell.

I noticed too, that seed grown hybrids, even those whose plants and flowers appeared nearly identical to the human eye, would sometimes vary in how their flowers smelled.

Another subject, though related, Pinguicula foliage can also be a source of fragrances. Some sweet, some sour; Pinguicula caerulea plants often exude a pungent and earthy aroma that I've not smelled from any other plant.