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Thread: Fertilizing pings

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    Fertilizing pings

    I found fragments of fertilizing answers but want to ensure I know what I am doing so I do not ruin my collection. I purchased Green Light 20-20-20 all purpose plant food (it is water soluble). First off, I am assuming this is safe to use. Second, how much do I actually want to dilute it? Say per gallon or per cup.

    Thanks for your help.


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    I don't know about Green Light but I use Alaskan fish emulsion (5-1-1) at full strength and carefully drip the brackish fluid onto ping and dew leaves. They seem to like it and it's pretty convenient to use. It's a good way to feed indoor plants AND there are no unsightly insect carcases cluttering up your plant leaves.
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    I use a TDS meter to measure my fertilizer solution's concentration. I use about 16-18 ppm of fertilizer dissolved in purified water. It amounts to a quantity that would cover the head of a thumbtack with a thin layer, dissolved in a pint of water.
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