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Thread: Growing Temperate Ping seeds

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    Growing Temperate Ping seeds

    Hey guys!

    I recently bought P. vulgaris seeds from one Kamil Pasek of Can anyone vouch as to the viability of the seeds his nursery provides? Also, does he store seeds in cold strat, so that when they do arrive, I can just sow them straight away? I've emailed him to clarify, but I'm sure he's busy.

    Anyways, I'm planning on sowing them in a mix of 2:1 of peat:sand. I know they can grow on both acidic and alkaline soil, but I'm going to go with acidic, unless anyone can really vouch for alkaline soil. I'm going to put some saran wrap overtop, with a few holes to allow for some fresh air and high but not saturated RH, and to keep it cool in the sun. I'm going to put them in bright direct sunlight during the day, and really try to cool them down overnight, to about 7 degrees C. I'm going to let them sit in a tray with 1/4" at all times.

    I'm hoping to get a high rate of success with this. If anyone thinks I'm making a mistake, or if they can suggest a standard that works to a high degree, let me know. This is my first time sowing and CP seeds, so I'll keep everyone updated

    Thanks for reading

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    Well seems like everything is right. Except once they germinate take the wrap off immediately

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    I grow a flowering sized P. vulgaris in a tray with small Sarracenia seedlings. The soil is sand : peat 1:1.

    BTW, seeds are not stored in cold stratification. They are stored dry, usually in a fridge to make them last slightly longer, even though Pinguicula seeds are notoriously short-lived. That means, you better hope Kamil sent you really fresh seeds.

    Just a suggestion for next time - try asking for the plant you'd like on the OCPS forum, there's a high chance you'll get it. That way, you don't have to order overseas, and pay whatever permits and shipping charges.

    Good luck with the seeds.
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