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Thread: P. esseriana Question

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    I use pulverized, freezed dried bloodworms.

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    My present avatar is the side view of a Pinguicula esseriana growing in its own 2-1/4" pot.

    Here are some additional photographs illustrating the amazing potential of this fascinating species -->

    The plant in the first photo above is planted in an all-mineral media, and the plants shown in the bottom photo are planted in a mixture of sphagnum peat moss, silica sand, and pumice. For me, careful but generous feeding with things like powdered freeze-dried blood worms, powdered freeze-dried tubifex worms, or dried, powdered, insects - each fed individually or in various combinations. They are each about one year old from leaf propagations. I also keep them wet and strongly illuminated by fluorescent lights, year-'round. When feeding, I recommend very tiny amounts be fed at any one time, until you develop a feeding sense. Too much feed at any one time can result in plant leaf damage. I like to moisten the feed, immediately after feeding, by lightly spraying the leaves with water or a very dillute solution (1/10 usual dose or weaker), of a complete soluble fertilizer formula - enough to moisten the feed, but not wash it off of the leaves. Feeding is most effective if it is combined with sufficient watering and lighting - feeding without sufficient water and lighting can cause harm. Maintaining a balance of environmental factors is very importatnt.

    To prompt blooming, I have found that providing cooler nighttime temperatures, even as low as 40F, is the single most important factor in initiating flowering in most Mexican Pinguicula.

    I realize that many of the techniques I use when growing these beautiful little plants is different than more traditional techniques, but I believe it is important to discover that there are variations in growing methods among successful growers. And that we can each learn to be better growers by comparing our own techniques with the techniques of other growers.
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    definetly feed it. mine loves to be really wet. seams to grow really well when i have it soaked and sitting in water.

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