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Thread: my first P.gypsicola blooming

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    FYI: Joesph Clemens suggest making a paper towel sandwich of the leaves and keep them dry and under lights. It works, but not all will sprout.
    Im giving this method a try.
    how would you keep them i have them under t-12 lights now in the paper towel sandwich, should i have them in a baggie too or just laying on the shelf ?
    what if i get them damp during my watering routine?
    thanks for the ideas every one

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    I rested the sandwich on top of a couple pots, under the light. I would just replace the paper towels and start over.

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    From 2008, sprouts on the paper towel:

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    As everyone has said, excellent work with your Ping(s), and great pics. I hope you will also share your technique with the rest of us. It's always good to hear about other grower's successful techniques - the many different ways these plants are successfully grown. When I first started growing Pings it always seemed to take me a few years before I became successful with a new variety - Pinguicula gypsicola was one that took an exceptionally long time for me to figure out.

    Here's a pic of some of mine -->

    As has already been mentioned the flowers are easy to self-pollinate, but not easy to successfully fertilize. The transfer of pollen is all that is needed for pollination, but successful fertilizing, now that can present a challenge. I have attempted self-fertilization many times, but without ever achieving self-fertilization. Fortunately it is rather easy to propagate from leaf-pullings, as are most of these Mexican Pings. Sometimes the rosettes will divide in their crowns, as they grow. Sometimes older dying leaves will initiate plantlets near their bases.

    Here's a pic of one that split its crown three-ways -->

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