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Thread: Is my P. primuliflora melting??

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    Looks fine. Older leaves will die out. Not a problem. You will still need to get the purpurea & VFT oustide, somehow, and make a friend with someone who has a garage or attic, for dormancy.

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    I know, I wish I had outdoor space. I do have a very cool unheated vestibule in my front entrance hall where temperatures must reach down to the low 30s at times during the winter, so perhaps that will be a nice spot once the plants on my windowsill go dormant (I'm going to skip dormancy for this VFT. and S. Purp because they're so fresh out of their death cubes).

    Not to be a pill about it, but I see this guy has VFTs and S. Purps in his grow rack, and they look beautiful! What's his story? I know it's a very old thread but... I'll have what he's having !

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