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Thread: Big Cypress National Preserve

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    Big Cypress National Preserve

    JC Muņoz and I recently visited a Collier County portion of the preserve in search of the elusive yellow-flowered P. pumila var. buswellii. I know of only one other isolated site for this variant nearby. Unfortunately, we were a tad early and most were not in flower yet. Those that were, were either white or violet.

    One of the locals you don't want to run in to (well, some of you might)- a cottonmouth

    Typical P. pumila habitat in South Florida

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    Beautiful! Too bad you didn't find the ping you were looking for. But the ones you did find are great.

    That's a mighty handsome cottonmouth. I'd love to see one of those.
    LOOKING FOR: N. (argentii x bicalcarata) x {[(lingulata x edwardsiana) x (naga x hamata)] x [(klossii x undulatifolia) x (aristolochioides x rajah)]} Growlist:

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