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Thread: hybrid of Pinguicula, Mexican

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    hybrid of Pinguicula, Mexican

    hello all

    I just want to know if this hybrid is always alive in some collections of CP's growers

    I search about P. x 'zarniwoop'...

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    First, Pinguicula hybrids are not given, what amounts to, "grex" names. Only orchids have a grex naming system. This is where your problem begins.

    Placing an "x" after the genus name, is really only used for orchids, or nothospecies. Nothospecies are natural hybrids, that have been recognized, as such, and validly published. Such as Drosera x anglica.

    You have the name in single quotes. Single quotes are reserved for use with registered cultivar names. The list of all registered cultivar names is available here. If it isn't in that list, and it isn't, then it is simply an unregistered coloquial name. A name someone decided to call a plant. Similar to a nickname, informal and very ephemeral in nature.

    Okay, I located your Pinguicula "Zarniwoop" <- note the full quotes, used for these informal names, to keep them distinct from registered cultivar names. It was listed, with photo links, at the CP Photofinder of BobZ (Robert Ziemer).

    I would recommend checking the posters of the images located in the CP Photofinder, to see if you can locate the plant you're searching for. Perhaps one of them is growing it, or knows who is. The website where the photos are posted, does have a contact email. Perhaps that will get you the info you're looking for.
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    for the name you have 2 international code

    -International Code of Botanical Nomenclature ( ICBN ) like the St louis code for all the natural taxon and their natural hybrids
    -International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) for the cultivar and their hybrids( division III )

    for me Drosera x anglica do not exist but D.anglica ( longifolia) like taxon yes .

    to have a recognized name, it must describe the plant in a magazine, in carnivore ICPS qualified for it

    jean françois
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