A number of my Pinguicula are in Winter growth now. It's exciting to see them change.

P. macrophylla
 photo 9dc9f4f8-1741-4cd5-b68b-c33583c88f32_zpsrbh2euto.jpg

P. 'Titan'
 photo c8bfe43f-614f-4725-92af-bf61437f9c73_zpssomavrco.jpg
I think this ones going. Photoperiod is short and soil is dry. Leaves are getting smaller.

P. gigantea
 photo dece9fdf-48b5-46ca-aba2-e6a471a0194b_zpsrntumerg.jpg
About to flower!

P. gigantea (Thanks kulamauiman)
 photo 50f66096-6ec5-45a4-b6c0-0a09f687cb4e_zpsrmiuvcrd.jpg

I'm pretty sure the P. gigantea are entering winter growth. They get a little more upright.

P. Laueana
 photo a3c0b6cb-75e2-4498-9932-1af90baef950_zpstjz825ab.jpg

P. 'Aphrodite' back. P. agnata, front. (Thanks kulamauiman!)
 photo 7e7fccb9-ed0f-47b0-a0a0-00b0507e6b3d_zpsrettk7tb.jpg

I lost the 'Aphrodite' mother plant. Sunburn. I'm glad to have that plant started from a pulling. That clone of agnata turns a delightful purple in good light. It also has distinct "drool edges."

Just for fun, those two shortly after the trip from Northeast to the Northwest. Circa two months ago
 photo 4c1dd74e-4a19-4ea4-bbb3-9f6e375027f1_zpsifgmdlbl.jpg