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Thread: New ping!

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    I don't have any Vermiculate or hort. sand. Just Peat/Perlite.
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    This plant (P. primuliflora), likes acidic soil conditions, peat/sand or peat/perlite, it also grows well in pure live Sphagnum or Long Fibred Sphagnum. I grow mine in NZ Long Fibred Sphagnum / perlite with a live Sphagnum top (about 1") NO VERMICULITE!
    It likes really wet conditions, mine are kept with the water level with the pot surface most of the time, I allow it to dry out to about an inch of water periodically.
    It likes partly shady conditions, not full sun.
    I don't allow my plants to go below 8C (about 47F) in Winter. They have grown well, producing many young plantlets from their leaves and flowering well in early Spring under these conditions for the last four years. Occasionally, a plant or two will die off quite suddenly (they just rot in days), this is quite natural as they are relatively short-lived plants, compared to most Pings. Hence it is important to keep up propagation from the plantlets (at least you don't have to use seed like the other S.E. USA Pings).

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