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Thread: Just bought a butterwort.

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    humidity is probbably too low. Try raising it...

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    Alright, I have filled the tray to the tippy top, put it somewhere where it will only get about 3-4 hours of sun a day, dappled though. Should he turn out OK? I left the flower on which is almost fully opened. I really dont want this one to die, im sick of my BUTTIES, get it? Instead of buddies, butties? Anyways I really dont want this guy to die.
    "That guy looks like pant food, toooo meeee"
    -Little shop of horrors.

    "Now, this thing smells like ****!"
    -College proffeser smelling my corpse plant.
    ^Just thought id put that in there, it was pretty funny when he said it.

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    First of all, that is one awesome name for the forums!!! I'm jealous because I didn't think of it first!!!

    As for your butterwort, I purchased one the other day myself. When I got home, I immediately placed it in a tray of water and removed the cover. The next day, I noticed the same thing that you looked like it was starting to dry up and wilt!!! I have a 10 gallon aquarium that I keep a nepenthes in, so I decided to place it in there with it (tray of water included). Now it looks beautiful!!! So if you have any type of aquarium/terrarium to help boost the humidity, you should try and place it in one if you can. I will post a picture of mine tomorrow.

    About the flowerstalk, I also have one growing on mine. It is only on the flytraps that you would be concerned about wheter to cut it off.

    I hope this bit of info was helpful, and best of luck with your new CP companion!!!

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