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Thread: Mexi-ping pollen

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    Hi folks:

    Recently went to a local CP meeting where some local growers had different pings for sale. I picked up a few specimens of P. emmarginata that were in flower...hoping to attempt to hybridize them with P. esseriana. So I get home, and guess what? No pollen. Not a single bit of dust in any of the blooms. No pollen in my esseriana either! I use a very fine tip sable brush to cross pollinate my moanensis clones and have always been able to get some fairly good results with summer blooms.

    Has anyone had difficulty getting pollen out of summer blooms on these mexi-pings? I realize that I could just have some sterile clones but would like a more palatable reason.

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    Here is a page with an explanation for the missing pollen:
    Pollination of Pinguicula Flowers

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