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Thread: Surface moss and CP cultivation

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    Does anyone have a method to reduce/eliminate this moss. I believe that sometimes it is so vigorous that it forces my CP into less than optimum conditions, even so far as to cause them to fail. Help
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    The best thing to do is repot the plant or remove the moss with tweesers (itll take a long time lol). Or just take the plant out, remove the climps of moss, and send moss to a person who likes them
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    Hmm.. what if you can't get it out with tweezers? I have several pots of seedling Pings that the moss has overgrown but when I pull at it with tweezers the soil comes up too and pulls the baby Pings with it!
    I found a good way to help prevent moss though.. microwaving the peat before using it has worked wonders.... it's been months and still no moss in the pots I microwaved before planting..

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    killing moss... for shame!

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