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Thread: Mex. Ping.

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    Um. One of my mexican pings just startedto be healthy. its really small, and I was wondering if it can skip dormancy, and sorta flourish a bit, or should I let it go into dormancy, and just get rid ofits newest leaves for some succulent ones...

    Thanks alot

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    Dormancy, or the idea that a plant has gone to sleep for the winter, is a fine concept for most CPs. With Pings however, most don't actually go dormant, though many do change growth strategy from carnivorous (larger sticky leaves) to a succulent strategy (smaller, non-carnivorous leaves), they are not technically dormant, they are still actively photosynthesising etc. There are a few mexican Pings, such as P. heterophylla, which form a dormant underground bulb, and can be considered truly dormant. Other species don't change growth strategy and remain carnivorous all year (eg. P. emarginata). Between these two extremes there is a whole range, and their care, particularly with regard to watering, varies accordingly. Also, some species and hybrids are far more tolerant of the conditions they are kept in , and don't mind being kept warmer and wetter than others.

    Which species do you have? and under what conditions do you grow it?

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