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Thread: DOA because of worms?

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    my first post about my first ping (hopefully). i just got my order today from, and the other plants looked great, but my ping did not. i'd include a picture of it's sad state, but my digital camera is even more sad. anyway, the leaves are shriveled, and the plant was not "in the ground", it was loose on top. as this is my first ping, i am not too sure about how to properly care for it, but i thought i would try to replant it, get the roots submerged in the soil. i was cleaning off some of the dirt that had invariably gotten on the leaves, as well as cleaning some other spots, and when i was touching the roots, i noticed movement. now, i know cp's are some strange plants, but i was completely unaware that their roots would almost immediately move upon touch. then, after thinking about it for a minute, i figure it was probably a worm rather than the root. after a little more playing, i finally isolated the worm, a really skinny thing, whitish, not very long (looked like a root). is this thing eating my plant's roots? does he probably have friends in the same soil? i dont know if the plant will be able to make it out of this or not, it still has some green, though mostly a darker green, like it is not getting enough water. i did notice, in working with re-planting it, that the leaves were sticky still.

    any help anyone?

    thats it

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    clear squiggly thing with a black head? fungus gnat larvae. They are found in most potting media. They will not directly attack plants but if there is any decaying matter they will appear to be eating the plant/roots. Clean off any dead stuff around the base of the plant.

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    u should repot the ping into the soil with the roots in it. Then keep it fairly humid bby placing it in a covered tank or in a large zip lock bag. keep it shaded from strong light, but slowly introduce it to strong light eventually. Good luck-Zach

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    i had a simular question... view the post (with worm pic) for more detais... it is under vft care and info... bottom of first page begining of second page at this time... it is titled worm like pest.
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