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Thread: George rizzi

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    After learning how to do leaf cutting of Mex Pings on this forum, I tried my luck with a small leaf of a P. "George Rizzi" that I got several month ago from Pinguiculaman.

    The callus started, then fungus gnat larvae ate the top of the callus, and half of the already small leaf. So I took in out and put it on some new media, and this is how it looks today.

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    Looks like you did a superb job of plant rescue in the nick of time.

    I hope you mean Pinguicula 'John Rizzi'. As far as I know there is no registered cultiver P. 'George Rizzi'. It might also be P. 'George Sargent'. Though I do not remember sending out any P. 'George Sargent'.

    Joseph Clemens
    Tucson, Arizona, U S A

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    I guess that name would work if you made a significant enough hybrid from the two to register a new cultivar.
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