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Thread: Pot size

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    I have just been informed that my flower staulk death may be from low humidity so I'm going to up the humidity for my moranensis. However, it also occurred to me recently I have no idea what size pot a full grown moranensis prefers! While I don't think it is in need of a transplant just yet, I would like a heads up. Currently it grows in a 4" pot and has about a 5" diamater (up 1" since I got it this spring). What conserns me most however, is it has a really fancey soil mix. Heck, I can't even tell what half of it is, but I do know that most of the mix is that hard to get native stone they are found in (had a chunk fall out and looked it up). It also has a funky moss growing with it that looks like normal moss, but then again, my sphagnum doesn't look like most sphagnum anyway (so weird tropical varients of some sort?) anyway, this stuff looks like the moss growing in my back yard, lol. Any ideas guys? I want this plant to have good conditions, but I know so very little about it
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    Where are you growing your Ping? If you are growing it outside I doubt humidity is a problem. I often find light intensity to be a determining factor in Mexi-Ping blooming.

    Back to your question though, I have various moranensis clones growing in pots ranging from 2.5" up to 6" and all are doing just about equal in terms of health and growth.

    The moss that you are seeing is not all that uncommon and I have it growing in among many of my Pings as well. It does not seem to cause any harm.

    As for your complex mix, while I grow my Mexis in a complex mix of my own making, many growers find that a mix of about equal parts perlite:vermiculite is fine and you can add a touch of milled sphag for extra water retention.
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