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Thread: Flowering times

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    Hey -

    When in the growth cycle do P. moranensis and P. esseriana bloom?

    Will they become succulent, signaling time to dry them out, or do they need to be dried out thus causing them to turn succulent?

    Are there factors needed to convince them it's succulent-time, or do they keep up with it on their own?


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    Some of mine bloom no matter what leaf form they are in.

    In my usual conditions Pinguicula esseriana most often grows continuously with an intermediate leaf form, very carnivorous (up to 2.5 inches in diameter and about the same height) and look like little green and pink pine cones, but more abbreviated than the usual summer leaf. Though, some of the same clone also grow with complete summer leaf form, those grown in the least intense lighting, and some in complete winter leaf form, they occur concurrently in any and all conditions.

    Joseph Clemens
    Tucson, Arizona, U S A

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