A student of mine had given me a wide variety of carnivorous plants (I think 6) that I think he purchased from a store. One of them is a butterwort (P. primulaflora). Overall, the plant looks fairly healthy, but small, and noticed some of its tenticles are browing up. I am not familiar with this plant. I'm assuming it likes higher humidity (along with the other plants). The plants are still in their little plastic pots (about 2 inches in diameter). For now, I have them all sitting in a tall Rubbermaid container that has a clear lid. In the bottom of the container, I have a little bit of standing water. I also have a fluorescent growing light above them and have been keeping it on for about 7-8 hours a day. I also think it's important to mention that I live in North central Ohio...where it's starting to get dark about 4:00pm and outside temperatures can get below freezing (calling for snow on Thanksgiving). I am not sure what to do with some of these plants. Can anyone give me advice? Do they need to be planted? What type of soil do they prefer? How much light, water, insects, temperature, etc. do they prefer? Are they supposed to go dormant? Any advice would be most greatly appreciated!


P.S. The plants I received are:
Butterwort (Pinguicula primulaflora),
Round leaved sundew (Drosera caperolsis),
VFT (D. akai),
American pitcher plant (S. pupera)
tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes ventricosa),
and a U.Livida (which I have no idea what that is).
I apologize for any misspellings, I got them off of the containers and they are not the easiest handwriting for me to read.