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Thread: Pinguicula agnata

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    Here is an example of how not all Pinguicula can be dwarfed by planting them in small pots. Also, though this clone gets very strong light it still remains green -- yellow/green. When I went to take this plant out of its tray for the photo I could not get it to remain upright (in the tray it leaned on the tray sides) without attaching hemostats to the back edge of the pot. The photo was taken with flash and the plant is sitting on a 10.5 inch diameter paper plate, covered by a paper towel.

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    0 Thread(s) that's a nice, healthy sized plant. Beautiful.

    Last time I moved a Pinguicula (I did it properly so you wouldn't have to correct me... ) overspilling a pot like that to take a photo, I had long strings of "mucilage" from the plant to my hand when I moved my hand away from the pot. I have to admit it grosses me out. I like it much better when it stays on the plant.
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