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Quote[/b] (Greg Allan @ Aug. 24 2005,2:59)]Hi Dino,

Nice plants you have there. I got specimens of both of those plants from Stan himself. Do you find the gigantea alba x moctezumae to be an exceptionally vigorous plant? Mine grow like weeds. I am also growing my heterophylla on a windowsill. Can you offer any advice as to how to get it through the winter successfully? Congratulations on your success with this rare species.

Hi Greg,
I find P.heterophylla to be very easy(unlike P.moctazumae which is withering away in the same conditions!) and I find it to be very vigorous
I kept mine barely moist throughout the winter, but it did go bone dry a few times, however no harm came to it
P.heterophylla will stop growing right around now, youll know because there will be no more visible leaves coming from the crown(there will probably be a very small hole in the centre in th emiddle of all the leaves)
This is the sign to cut down on watering, from there on I just kept the soil wet(but not standing in water) and I allowed it to dr out between waterings
Once all the growth has died away, just keep barely moist, although they can go bone dry at times(as they would in their natural habitat) but it shoudlnt do any harm
Ive heard from indymental that if you dig up the bulb and pull away a few of the winter leaves, they will grow into small plants which are a very popular item when advitised in the trading section
I shall be taking cuttings this year and I will tell you how it goes