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Thread: Euphorb in flower

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    Well, it's flowering again, and this time more proliferously, plus it's making little "stem sprouts". Maybe a good view of the flower will help in identification? I remember posting something about this plant a while ago, cept I didn't have a good camera, and I couldn't get a good ID of it. I'm also sure that it's not E. loricata. Anywho, here's my plant (plus my E. tirucalli "Firesticks", can ya guess why it's called that? )

    Stem sprout



    Stick euphorb

    I have one no-ID that I can spare, if anyone wants it. It's the littlest one in the pics.

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    I believe you're correct. I have a pot labeled as E. loricata which looks very much like yours except for being shorter (mine haven't begun growing stalks yet.) Desert Tropicals has descriptions and pictures of all sorts of succulent-cactus-things, if you want to double check.
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