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Thread: It's a long-shot, but looking for -

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    It's a long-shot, but looking for -

    Cotyledon ladismithensis "Bear's Paw"

    Maybe it's not a long shot, I have no idea what you succulent growers on here have. But I figured, what the heck - this is the only plant forum I'm on, so I might as well ask!

    I've been into succulents for about the same amount of time as CPs, so they're still fairly new to me. I started a great container garden with my favorite kinds and most are doing well. However, my very favorite succulent (afore mentioned) is dying. It wasn't too healthy when I got it, so maybe I just wasn't experienced enough to save it. I'm not sure...

    In any case, I desperately want another one, or several. I got this last one at the hardware store and they haven't had anything like it again, nor have the local nurseries. So I'm turning to you guys! Does anyone have any extras/can get their hands on some/can start me some cuttings? I'd be soooo excited! Let me know if you think you could work something out for me. Thanks SO much!

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    WHOA!!!! Not everyone at once now!!!

    I take it there must not be many succulent growers here. But then again, when I joined I was so kindly pointed out that this was mainly a carnivorous plant discussion forum. It's a shame really, all those wonderfull succulents going homeless.

    Anyways, no bear paws here but here is a run down of what I do have.

    Portulacaria "rainbow bush"
    Agavaceae/agave- century plant
    Crassulaceae/crassula-perforata variegate- golden necklace
    Euphorbiaceae/euphorbia- suzannae
    Mother of thousands- some look at these as the guppies of the succulent world- I have these running out of my ears. Falling into my other pots, and growing. I have even heard of them rooting in carpet. Very cool though.
    Aloe vera
    I went out in the country and dug up a yucca, and it's doing really well. It just doesn't seem to wanna flower like the ones outside. Pitty, it looks awesome when it flowers.
    Here's to the first of the of the day fellas!! To old, D.H. Lawrence!!!!

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