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Thread: Beautiful Astrophytum Ornatum V. Mirbelii

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    Beautiful Astrophytum Ornatum V. Mirbelii

    Well i had wanted a Astrophytum Ornatum V. Mirbelii for several months now and everytime i saw one i liked i either didnt have the money for it at that time or someone scooped it up befour i could purchase it. Finaly found 2 and also a Astrophytum Onzuka that was just breath taking and show'd them to hubby and what a surpise i got when the first one came in, i didnt know he got them "ALL" 3 for me as a christmas gift. THANK YOU HUBBY!!!!! One came in and the other 2 are yet to arrive, prob not till after x-mass.
    Heres the first one, gona redo the rocks and use something alittle darker.
    Side views/top views.. The white flocking is just INCERDIBLE on all 3 of these cacti.

    and heres the other 2 that will be comming in soon. IM SO EXCITED!!! These 2 pics are from the grower/seller.
    Astrophytum Ornatum V. Mirbelii

    Astrophytum Onzuka
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    I always loved this genus, nice well behaved cacti without glochids!
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    Sorry for the late bump, but I just had to say that that Astrophytum Onzuka is awesome. I agree with Tamlin Dawnstar... I especially like mature astrophytum!

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