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Thread: Flowers from two plants…

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    Beautiful Joel! I especially love your photos of Echeveria shaviana. Good stuff!

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    Thanks Rob!

    Here are some more current pictures... some more are sending up flower stalks and some are just looking good.

    First up is my favorite plant of all time, Echeveria x 'Black Prince':

    Echeveria lilacina. This one had four stalks, so I cut off three to prevent too much stress to the plant:

    Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy':

    Echeveria 'Carlsbad':

    Echeveria pulvinata:

    Aloe squarrosa:

    Aloe variegata:

    Sempervivum sp. This one still has ash the fell from the wildfire a couple of weeks ago:

    -Joel from Southern California

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