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Thread: my growing collection pics

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    my growing collection pics

    b4 any one asks it was a very bad case of sunburn. now it has 6 new pups forming on it. my new graft i only done on the weekend my first one hope they take.All pic have been taken over the past 3 months ive never seen a peyote grow so fast my self.

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    I thought that was what that first picture was. Where did you get it? Did you grow it from seeds?

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    Have you had long term success with Ariocarpus in a peat soil (I notice a small 3-4year plant that looks like it is in a peat/perlite soil). I tried soil with peat as a base for Ariocarpus sp. a few years back. Summer, Spring and Fall were normal but winter I lost one plant and the other two looked rather poor. I had not lost an Ariocarpus before that. Now I prefer a clay, rock, sand, crushed coral mix.

    I wish I could try growing peyote because yours do look nice but I would rather not go to jail.
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