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Thread: Senecio rowleyanus

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    Senecio rowleyanus

    Hi everyone! I just picked up a Senecio rowleyanus from a Succulents Around the World campaign at Lowe's while getting sphagnum for my CPs. I currently have it outside with my outdoor neps(sanguinea, 'Miranda') and it gets afternoon sun only. It has many 'strings' around the size of a foot and a 3in. pot which looks like a peat/perlite mix but I really cant tell because the beads mostly block me from seeing the soil. I was wondering if I should re-pot this plant or keep it where it is? The temperatures get to the high 90s(Fahrenheit) in the day and the low 80s at night, high humidity. Is this okay? Should I re-pot it to a larger pot? Thanks.

    P.S: If any of you have problems with how I care for my outdoor neps, please PM me and do not address it on this thread.
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