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Thread: ant plant

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    ive got a Lecanopteris.....forget which species off the top of my head.....
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    is it possible to have an ant plant in a formicarium (ant terrarium) with ant plants in it and have maybe black garden ants nest in it?
    You could try I suppose but just any ant species may not care to colonize the particular plant. They will probably need a queen and whatever else ant societies need otherwise captured ants may just work themselves to death trying to escape the terrarium and return to their queen. If you ordered an ant farm kit and set it up in the ant plant terrarium then maybe they would take up residence in the plant but there can be no guarantees they wouldn't just burrow into the tank substrate. They'd still be seen crawling on the plant anyway so the Biotope Terrarium effect would still be there.

    For it to work you will need to ensure the tank is very well ventilated as Hydnophytum and Myrmercodia ant plants are not really that fond of high humidity and being wet, they tend to melt down. These two families do better at normal room humidity for me 20-40% as long as I remember to keep the soil moist. But if there's too much water on the leaves or succulent stems they go all mushy. The Lecanopteris ferns seem to do better in higher humidity/wetter environments.
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    i was thinking about dischidia plants and about picking up a queen when the mating swarms come.
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    just tropical ant use these plant .Often just one ant specie are infeoded to one plant .

    here in europe the ants species are not interested by these plants .


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