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Thread: Germinating Mammillaria theresae seed

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    Germinating Mammillaria theresae seed

    Are Mam theresae fruit deeply embedded in the stem of the plant? If so, I wonder what the advantage of that is? Could that have something to do with difficulty germinating the seed? I vaguely remember someone speculating that a lot of theresae seed is just not viable, and thats why it doesnt germinate of course. Any ideas about that?


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    Here's another update on the M. theresae seedlings sown earlier this year in February.

    They've grown quite quickly in an enclosed container and have just recently been moved to a larger container.

    The original container stayed moist and damp which allowed moss to grow up and around most of the seedlings in there.

    A shot of a slightly colored M. theresae seedling.

    These seedlings have all been moved closer to the lights in an attempt to keep them from stretching.


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