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Thread: Damaged roots

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    Damaged roots

    Hello everyone,

    Im a big cactus fan and have been growing cactus for about 30 yrs but only as a hobbiest. I do run into problems that I think I know but still would like some expert advise. I just purchased a rather large blue barrel cactus with about 10 pups. I had to plant it in a 20in pot if that helps on the size of it. I can't say from what nursery but I must admit it kinda looks like it was field grown. My question and concern is the few. There is the main root that branches into three main roots and all in all are about 8 to 10 inches in length. They seem like they were longer but were cut as if it was dug up quite roughly. The roots are very wrinkled and dry but not brittle as if it was left unpotted for a while.

    Do yall think it will survive with the roots system it has? I purchased a golden barrel about a year ago in similar conditions and its still green as ever. I live in southern Louisiana and the weather is pretty chilly at night right now so I know the cactus is more or less dormant. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to lose it. Here are some pics...sorry pretty bad ones.

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    Assuming it was field grown and dug up shortly before being sold, I would hazard a guess that it probably was left unpotted for awhile in order for any wounds to callous over -- including those of the severed roots. I wouldn't expect there to be any problem with regards to the cactus's survival. As it enters its next growth phase, new roots should develop.
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