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Thread: A couple aromatic succulent bonsai prospects

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    A couple aromatic succulent bonsai prospects

    A couple of months back I received a few plants from a, a nursery in Tempe, Arizona.

    Patte Lanus works there and she set up a phyto inspection and got the paperwork ready for export up here to Canada.

    First up is Bursera hindsiana, currently in a 6" pot.

    I really like the thickened trunk it has for such a small seedling.

    Next up is Boswellia nana, a shot from above.

    This species is a natural dwarf tree or shrub, growing to a height of 60 cm (24 inches), making it a very good bonsai subject.

    This plant flows with a balsam that resembles juniper in smell, to my nose.

    I also was able to obtain a Commiphora myrrha, a species I had been wanting for a while.

    Haven't taken any photos of this one yet, but will once I decide on how to wire it into shape.

    If you are interested in aromatic succulent bonsai subjects, check out the site.

    Below is a link to my review of The Miniatree Garden.

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